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Pre-Owned, Haworth UniGroup series Open Plan Basic Four Person specification, 6 foot by 6 foot work space, 24" by 72" flip-top main work surface, Mobile Box/File Drawer, 48" wide combo shelf / storage with 48" high powered / seated privacy panels.

Spring 2016 Open Plan Special...

It is possible, but due to the recent wave of product in the industry, finding a complete Open Plan system inventory on the used market is very rare.

There are ways to achieve an Open Plan environment without going all brand new.

Depending upon Pre-Owned inventories available, you can create a mobile, Open Plan layout by integrating Used or New leg supports with Used or New work surfaces.  Also the addition of shorter height office panels can be, Yes you can!

It depends on what you want and the manufacturer you select...

...Open Plan specifications can start out simple and then take on a life of their own with add on peripherals such as mobility tables, height adjustable desks or integrated electrical componentsas an office evolves and expands.

StrictlyBusiness has seen some tremendous upside and value to the Elements and Flex series of modular furniture from Performance.  extremely flexible, unique in design and still very affordable in comparison.

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Open Plan Office Furniture Design

​is exactly the opposite of the typical cubicle layouts found in traditional office settings where each individual employee has their "own space".

​Less enclosed, the Open Plan encourages interaction and collaboration between key workers or groups of employees.

Individual space can be defined by aisle ways or shorter height partitions...sometimes desk mounted screens.   Projects are shared with common meeting areas or mobile tables..

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Performance Elements

OfficeStar Pace



​Budget, Mid-Market, Designer Grade, Custom, Pre-Owned/As-Is & Recycled.​