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a Height Adjustable Desk?

an Open Plan Office Furniture Design​ is exactly the opposite of the typical cubicle layouts found in traditional office settings where each individual employee has their "own space".

​Less enclosed, the Open Plan encourages shared interaction and collaboration between key workers or groups of employees.

Individual space can be defined by aisle ways or shorter height partitions...sometimes desk mounted or movable screens.   Symbiotic Projects are then addressed with common meeting areas or the  integration of mobile tables.

"Open Plan"? what's that?

Performance Elements series QUAD Workstation. 4 person collaborative station, under desk open shelf storage, large drawer and lateral filing with cushion

top, desk mounted / frosted plexi privacy screens.

                      delivered/installed:  $3,985.00 - set

Height Adjustable Special Offer

OfficeStar Pace

Open Plan, Height Adjustable

​and Ergonomic Work Stations

Quarterly Open Plan Deal

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Brand New - Budget Oriented and Mid-Market Level Product

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Used Cubicles in Portland

Pre-Owned / As-Is, ReCycled, ReFurbished and ReConditioned

CFD-PowerBase height adjustable work station with 24" deep by 60" wide Cherry finish / Black

edge surface, 24.5" to 50.2" height range, 3 Stage - Dual Motor.             Your Price:  $595.00 each


Laminate -

Black Edge

Surface with

Black, White or

Silver Base

The Human Body is a Unique Creation...

                                                ...and No Two are Alike.

However...we all share a common denominator, and that we are Kinetic and meant to move throughout life...Even At Work!  So to "sit all day" at a desk, no matter how adjustable and "comfy" the chair is, the individual condition to remain sedentary in NOT conducive to overall health and productivity!

with the integration of computers and technology in the work space, the reality of repetitive motion issues and the best methods to address those are to keep the individual "in motion".  thus, the need for a work station that "moves with you" is Vital.

YES...more so than even 2 years ago!

Technology, Innovation and Competition has brought costs down nearly 40% and the products feature more  weight capacity aspects, design flexibility and "touch of a button" adjustment...rather than turning crank-handle.

Considering an average "Repetitive Stress Disorder" claim through Workman's Compensation can be $20,000 to $70,000, the logical answer is YES!

With Strictly Business, and some creative ingenuity,

even some Pre-Owned work spaces can be made "open office" or "fully adjustable" too!