​...We will work with you

through every phase to

maximize your office

environments possibilities!

Not just with detailed, to ADA

and Fire Code layouts...we also

interact with our customer's

I.T., electrical and construction

contractors to insure we are all

​on the "same page" for Optimum and Satisfactory Results!

Putting it Together...

...No matter the scenario; a brand new office environment, a remodel of the current facility, new, used, combination of both...even if an interior designer is leading your project...our creative and industry experience, along with a low key, yet straight forward approach, helps forge an outstanding end result for our clients.


...even though it looks like 20 6x6 cubicles will fit, the reality may be after we take precise measurements of the "Blank Canvas", it is only going to fit 12...and meeting all required codes!


Space Plan & Design...

​Budget, Mid-Market, Designer Grade, Custom, Pre-Owned/As-Is & Recycled.​

Strictly Business Free office Space Planning And Design Portland Or

...a "hand sketch" on a sheet of graph paper or a napkin might be how StrictlyBusiness starts our working is NOT how we finish it! Using Industry-Based Design Tools, we begin with a "visual vision" and

make it your reality!

Computer Assisted Design...

...we start with a "Blank Canvas".  We ask Questions.

Such as...How many people do you want in the space? What does each person do? ...and so on.  Then we go to work...